Speleonics Michiephones

Note: The Speleonics Michiephones, single-wire, earth-return, communications systems for cave rescue, are sold out. At present there are no plans to produce any more as the cost of manufacturing is too high for the small volumes sold.

For simple, reliable communications in Cave Rescue, Surveying, Exploration and General Underground Use

Michiephones are single wire telephones. They use an earth return and offer simple, reliable communications in cave rescue, surveying, exploration and general underground use. They are widely used by cave rescue squads in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. They are a particularly good complement to a through-the-rock radio communication system.
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Some of their many advantages are:

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Jill chatting on a Michiephone (Image size: ~500x800, 288k)

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Scale drawing (Image size: ~200x400, 3.5k)

Speleonics Base Station

A Base Station is a Michiephone but with a small half Watt audio amplifier, a small speaker a hand-held microphone, and is housed in a larger box. Power is 12VDC from two lantern batteries or a car battery. It is usually setup somewhere near the cave entrance on a small table. It's designed so the Base Station Operator can communicate with all the hand held Michiephones in the cave, take notes, and control communications while sitting down in a more comfortable position. One Base Station near the entrance of the cave and, for protracted rescues, maybe one further into the cave at an underground base complements the handheld Michiephones. Together they make a complete cave rescue communications system.

You can download or view a PDF version of the instruction manual for the Base Station here: Base Station Manual (440 kB). The manual includes photos of the Base Station. (Note: the PDF version here includes photos at 72 dpi resolution for screen viewing. A PDF version with photos at 600 dpi for better printing quality is available and comes with the units.)

Instruction Manuals

When you purchase Michiephones or Base Stations they will come with a complete instruction manual covering operation and maintenance. The Manuals include full electrical schematics of the circuits.

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